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Beauty Breakthroughs 2014

I must admit that every year my favorite issue of Allure Magazine is the “Best Of Beauty” issue. This issue is packed with information on new…and even old favorite…beauty products. I could be embarrassed to say…but sadly I am not… that I cull through this magazine with a fine-toothed comb. You would think that I […]

A Life Altering Book…

I have not read this book in many years. It recently came across my path again…as many things do…through the Oprah Magazine. She had a most soul searching interview with Paolo Coelho, and it immediately reminded me of what a life altering effect this book had on me when I first read it. As sincerely […]

I Was Just Thinking…

  Every year about this time, I get very melancholy about the looming time change. I am a sun person…as evidenced by my aging skin issues. I am energized and brought alive by long, sunny days. I love warm, late sunny nights spent outside, the heat of the sun beating down on me….well, you get […]

The Greatness Of Small Joys

  Despite our love of fashion and style…some days call for reflection and something greater than the outer world… The other day I was running around on my usual frantic round of work errands when it just suddenly hit me… This life is short—and gets shorter every day no matter how long I live…I Don’t […]

Endless Summer

I can’t help it I just can’t let go of summer… Here are some of the things I am dreaming of now! Until next time-         Stay Stylish!

A French Woman, And A Moment Of Clarity

I saw her the The Lodge at Pebble Beach.  She was walking toward the small Post Office with her mother, completely absorbed in their conversation and she stopped me in my tracks! She was undeniably French.  I know this because 1) she had the nonchalant, natural style that French women carry so easily; 2) I […]