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Fine, Limp Hair No More!

As my faithful readers know, I have struggled with fine hair…well…from the day I was born with no hair.  My mother fully confesses that she went through a period of worry when no hair was coming in at the ripe old age of 6 months—with very little sprouting in the months to follow.  I FULLY […]

Beauty Breakthroughs 2014

I must admit that every year my favorite issue of Allure Magazine is the “Best Of Beauty” issue. This issue is packed with information on new…and even old favorite…beauty products. I could be embarrassed to say…but sadly I am not… that I cull through this magazine with a fine-toothed comb. You would think that I […]

Burberry Prorsum Fall/Winter 2014

I have been a lukewarm fan of Burberry Prorsum the past few seasons, but I must say that the Fall/Winter 2014 line-up is over the top stylish. I am drooling over the colorful detailing and the sumptuous fabrics. The season is loaded with a balance of quality, eye-catching basics to beyond luxurious statement pieces. I […]

Step 1. The Canvas

I must admit that I started to rush immediately into the cover-up solutions. I’m all about editing things down—finding the neatest, quickest way to the end result. Then I realized—wait, maybe that is what got me in this situation in the first place…a lack of super serious skin care (not to mention sun worship and […]


I first came upon the Ritual product line when I was doing serious product research for…oh wait…I received the Tai Chi Shower Gel as part of the Barneys New York Beauty Event Gift Bag.  By the way this is the best beauty gift with purchase event without exception—but more on that another time. I was […]

Hotel Costes

  Near the edge of Paris’ right bank lies one of my favorite hotels in the world—Hotel Costes. Known for its dark, sexy atmosphere, constant flow of the fashion cognoscenti, and a legendary underground pool, this Hotel oozes seductive Paris allure. While I cannot visit the Hotel Costes as much as I would like, I […]

Gypsy Summer Chic

I find myself feeling that I am in the height of summer right now! It could be because the usual foggy weather that we have in Monterey, CA about this time has given away to brilliant summer sunshine! Anyone who knows me knows that I love hot, sunny climates! It could be because everyone around […]

A Blast From The Past

  It happened as I was getting ready for a trip to Texas, oddly enough. There I was in the drugstore searching for travel sizes of essential beauty products—dedicated, as always, to packing light and carefree like a Parisian Gypsy—well that’s another post… Anyway, I looked down and what did I see but a big […]

More Than Ice Cream

A new restaurant called Patria opened near my apartment recently. The owner is German and has included hearty German dishes on the menu, like Spaetzle and Jaegerschnitzel. To my surprise, the dessert menu also includes spaghetti ice cream. While frozen spaghetti may not sound appetizing, spaghetti ice cream is actually vanilla gelato pressed through a […]

Will These Shoes Really Change My Life?

  Has it ever happened to you? You see an article of, well, fashion and you become so obsessed that you can’t think of anything else…sure that this one piece will entirely change your life? Well, it recently happened to me. There I was lazily lounging by the pool at The Hotel Bel Air (not […]