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Fine, Limp Hair No More!

As my faithful readers know, I have struggled with fine hair…well…from the day I was born with no hair.  My mother fully confesses that she went through a period of worry when no hair was coming in at the ripe old age of 6 months—with very little sprouting in the months to follow.  I FULLY […]

Beauty Breakthroughs 2014

I must admit that every year my favorite issue of Allure Magazine is the “Best Of Beauty” issue. This issue is packed with information on new…and even old favorite…beauty products. I could be embarrassed to say…but sadly I am not… that I cull through this magazine with a fine-toothed comb. You would think that I […]

It’s All About The Layering

Ok…At LAST…here are my final steps to strategically covering up the annoying dark circles and fine lines that seem to appear around my eyes in greater profusion daily! Much like my strategy the days after massive Thanksgiving eating…I use layers (and layers) to cover up the aftermath. So too goes the process of covering up […]

My Secret Weapon

Here it is…my secret weapon in the battle against fine lines around my eyes…Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream. Frankly, it is a miracle!  I use it in the morning to create a perfect palette. I use it throughout the day to plump and brighten the eye area when I am looking a little tired. […]

Step 1. The Canvas

I must admit that I started to rush immediately into the cover-up solutions. I’m all about editing things down—finding the neatest, quickest way to the end result. Then I realized—wait, maybe that is what got me in this situation in the first place…a lack of super serious skin care (not to mention sun worship and […]

Where Did These Come From?!?

I remember a day—not so long ago—when the only time that I would wake up with dark circles and puffy eyes was because I had had a bit too much fun the night before with friends and failed to get enough sleep. Not so anymore! It seems that I am regularly greeted each morning with […]


I first came upon the Ritual product line when I was doing serious product research for…oh wait…I received the Tai Chi Shower Gel as part of the Barneys New York Beauty Event Gift Bag.  By the way this is the best beauty gift with purchase event without exception—but more on that another time. I was […]

A French Woman, And A Moment Of Clarity

I saw her the The Lodge at Pebble Beach.  She was walking toward the small Post Office with her mother, completely absorbed in their conversation and she stopped me in my tracks! She was undeniably French.  I know this because 1) she had the nonchalant, natural style that French women carry so easily; 2) I […]

Little Luxuries

Let me be clear about one thing—I am a firm believer in pampering yourself. It is often the little luxuries in life that make us feel good about ourselves. They can make us feel special, beautiful…like we are momentarily the center of our worlds In my own favorite words, they just simply ‘make me feel […]

A Blast From The Past

  It happened as I was getting ready for a trip to Texas, oddly enough. There I was in the drugstore searching for travel sizes of essential beauty products—dedicated, as always, to packing light and carefree like a Parisian Gypsy—well that’s another post… Anyway, I looked down and what did I see but a big […]