Fine, Limp Hair No More!

Fine, Limp Hair No More!

As my faithful readers know, I have struggled with fine hair…well…from the day I was born with no hair.  My mother fully confesses that she went through a period of worry when no hair was coming in at the ripe old age of 6 months—with very little sprouting in the months to follow.  I FULLY […]

Fine Collection…A Super Find

Another super find here at Simply Stylish! Simply put, Fine Collection sweaters are a luxurious mix of paired down styling made in completely sumptuous fabrics. I think that they offer the perfect mix of wardrobe basic looks with a splash of uber style touches that raise them above your average cashmere sweater. Taking it’s cue […]

Beauty Breakthroughs 2014

I must admit that every year my favorite issue of Allure Magazine is the “Best Of Beauty” issue. This issue is packed with information on new…and even old favorite…beauty products. I could be embarrassed to say…but sadly I am not… that I cull through this magazine with a fine-toothed comb. You would think that I […]

Burberry Prorsum Fall/Winter 2014

I have been a lukewarm fan of Burberry Prorsum the past few seasons, but I must say that the Fall/Winter 2014 line-up is over the top stylish. I am drooling over the colorful detailing and the sumptuous fabrics. The season is loaded with a balance of quality, eye-catching basics to beyond luxurious statement pieces. I […]

A Life Altering Book…

I have not read this book in many years. It recently came across my path again…as many things do…through the Oprah Magazine. She had a most soul searching interview with Paolo Coelho, and it immediately reminded me of what a life altering effect this book had on me when I first read it. As sincerely […]

Pas De Calais

Pas De Calais clothing line is a new find for us that we are simply falling all over ourselves to get our hands on! Their chic, Euro street-style inspired looks are beyond in their slouchy cool ease. The coat below is a particular favorite of mine for this winter. Loose and comfortable, it is packed […]

It’s All About The Layering

Ok…At LAST…here are my final steps to strategically covering up the annoying dark circles and fine lines that seem to appear around my eyes in greater profusion daily! Much like my strategy the days after massive Thanksgiving eating…I use layers (and layers) to cover up the aftermath. So too goes the process of covering up […]

I Was Just Thinking…

  Every year about this time, I get very melancholy about the looming time change. I am a sun person…as evidenced by my aging skin issues. I am energized and brought alive by long, sunny days. I love warm, late sunny nights spent outside, the heat of the sun beating down on me….well, you get […]

My Secret Weapon

Here it is…my secret weapon in the battle against fine lines around my eyes…Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream. Frankly, it is a miracle!  I use it in the morning to create a perfect palette. I use it throughout the day to plump and brighten the eye area when I am looking a little tired. […]

Step 1. The Canvas

I must admit that I started to rush immediately into the cover-up solutions. I’m all about editing things down—finding the neatest, quickest way to the end result. Then I realized—wait, maybe that is what got me in this situation in the first place…a lack of super serious skin care (not to mention sun worship and […]