A Life Altering Book…

By Mary Ann

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I have not read this book in many years. It recently came across my path again…as many things do…through the Oprah Magazine. She had a most soul searching interview with Paolo Coelho, and it immediately reminded me of what a life altering effect this book had on me when I first read it.

As sincerely joyous as it is, my business…fashion, beauty, style…can often become more about the superficial than it is about my true desire to help each woman find her strength and her voice—her courage to express who she is and to be confident in her walk through this journey of life.

I embrace all of the things in life that bring us joy—style and beauty are some of those for me. But re-reading this book reminded me to regularly go to the center—to listen to the quite whisper of the voice of wisdom that guides me to truer happiness, service and love. In the space between my whirlwind of thought is where I often find the deeper answers—the peace of truth.

If one person finds this book for the first time after reading this post—then my heart is filled with joy for you and for the world that with every breath you take you are helping to create!

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