Pas De Calais

By Mary Ann

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Pas De Calais clothing line is a new find for us that we are simply falling all over ourselves to get our hands on! Their chic, Euro street-style inspired looks are beyond in their slouchy cool ease. The coat below is a particular favorite of mine for this winter. Loose and comfortable, it is packed with that masculine/feminine style combo that is always so chic. It is one that is coming into my closet!

pd main

Their line is full of luxe fabrics, high quality construction and a pared down, streamlined chic that just purrs instant style. In their own words, “pas de calais proposes a balanced subtle mixture of casual silhouettes in wholesome fabrics highlighted by touches of decadence that give a freedom of personal styling that crosses all frontiers.”   I couldn’t have said it better myself—this is one line to keep your eye on!

pd 1

pd 2

pd 3

pd 4


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