It’s All About The Layering

By Mary Ann

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Ok…At LAST…here are my final steps to strategically covering up the annoying dark circles and fine lines that seem to appear around my eyes in greater profusion daily!

Much like my strategy the days after massive Thanksgiving eating…I use layers (and layers) to cover up the aftermath. So too goes the process of covering up the dark circles and fine lines around my eyes. Sadly, unlike the pounds that can be lost after Thanksgiving these eye area problems seem to be here to say. For that reason, I have spent quite a bit of time working on my layering strategy…so that I could share it with you!

Please note that I am sharing my favorite products for my skin tone here—all of these lines offer a broad range of colors for different skin tones. These are my favorites largely because of their texture, effectiveness and long lasting stay.


Step One: Brighten

It is an all important first step—brighten the area right in that dip between your eyes and the bridge of your nose. Gently tap (or use a concealer brush) to pull the brightener down along the cheek bone. DO NOT put this brightener right underneath your eyes, as doing this will ultimately highlight your dark circles rather than conceal them. You want this brightener to reflect the light away from the problem area. This is a trick taught to me by my long time friend and AMAZING make-up artist Travis. He was personally trained by Bobbi Brown, so I have learned to listen closely when he speaks!




Step Two: Conceal

OK listen to me on this one—this product is absolutely incredible. Scientists must have slaved away in a lab dedicated strictly to making my life happier!!

This is my process: take finger and dot this Fab product along the upper ridge of my cheekbone. Then using the brush by the same line I gently (I mean I don’t want to make this problem any worse, right) blend the product slightly down my cheek and up into the area under my eye—blend, blend, blend. By placing the product on my upper cheekbone first and then blending up and down, I am able to somehow prevent it all from nestling down into the fine lines (not attractive), This does take some time at first—but I am now a pro and can knock it out in less than a minute!

Remember—a little goes a long way. I am trying to sneakily conceal these problems not costume them in a white glowing mask that screams “here I am”. Again, Blend…Blend…Blend. The trick really is to take it down onto the cheek to create a long, smooth transition from the eye. No raccoon masks please!


Step 3: Highlight

This step is the finale. For me it comes after I have applied my BB cream or tinted moisturizer. Most importantly it is the very final step. I take the magic wand on this legendary product and mark three small lines on my outer eye (I draw them from the outer cheekbone). From there I blend them outward. Again, a little bit is the key. This trick seems to add additional brightness and deflect away from the fine lines. I can’t explain it…it just works for me. I feel quite chic doing it too—like I really know what I am doing in this dance of camouflage.

There you have it! Remember, I am just like you—trying my best. I have no formal training in make-up artistry. I learn by trial and error—and a little (ok a lot) of Travis guidance along the way. It may seem to you like a lot of steps…you may cringe at the thought of spending this much time in front of the mirror. But let me assure you that this entire process now only takes me minutes each morning. Minutes that make me feel happier and more confident throughout the day (yes, to those of you who think I am shallow—I can be at times).

Stay tuned…next in my line-up is to test all of Allure magazine’s 2014 beauty breakthroughs for you! How fun is my life!!!!

P.S. I timed this process for you this morning. The whole thing took me 1 minute and 37 seconds—I think it is a personal record!

Until Next Time-






Stay Stylish!

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2 Thoughts to It’s All About The Layering

  1. Nancy November 2, 2014 at 4:18 am

    a video demonstration would have been very helpful

    • Amanda November 3, 2014 at 2:38 pm

      Great idea! We are moving in that direction. Perhaps when we get that up and going we will repost this with a video!