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By Mary Ann

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Every year about this time, I get very melancholy about the looming time change. I am a sun person…as evidenced by my aging skin issues. I am energized and brought alive by long, sunny days. I love warm, late sunny nights spent outside, the heat of the sun beating down on me….well, you get the picture—I am one of those people.

But this year—just as I caught myself going into my annual doldrums over the issue—I grabbed hold of myself and decided to change my attitude. Really, what’s the point about revisiting this sour mood? This year I am going to move into gratitude and think of the gifts that this very short, actually, time of year brings!

  1. I get an extra hour of sleep on Sunday. We all know how good sleep is for us, and very few of us ever get enough. And, of course, sleep is good for the skin. And, I have heard it said that getting enough sleep can actually help you to lose weight. Sold!
  2. Despite the fact that is was 82 degrees here yesterday (that is not even normal in Northern California in the summer!), early sunsets invite cozy things like having fires in my fireplace! How romantic is that? I am already having images of home popped popcorn by the fire in my cushy socks, dogs resting at my feet, me reading a book. I am really going to do all of that this year!
  1. Holidays! Of course, this shift indicates that the holidays are coming. I am going go cast all thoughts of crazy family drama from my mind and focus on sparkling decorations, sumptuous food, and the opportunity to share love—and presents! Would we even have holidays if the time didn’t change??? It would be so light out that we might not even come inside long enough to eat ourselves into a coma.
  1. Sweaters! Yes, the time change for me means sweaters—my favorite item of clothing. And coats—my other favorite item of clothing! And boots…I am getting excited already! When will the time ever change for heaven sakes.

And there you have it–I have changed my mood. Now I am off to rummage through my sweater shelves. I think that this time change event deserves the perfect outfit!

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Stay Stylish!

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