Where Did These Come From?!?

By Mary Ann

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I remember a day—not so long ago—when the only time that I would wake up with dark circles and puffy eyes was because I had had a bit too much fun the night before with friends and failed to get enough sleep.

Not so anymore! It seems that I am regularly greeted each morning with dark circles and bags the size of my favorite tote—not to mention that there seem to be new fine lines growing faster than that miracle ivy on my back patio. I will just tell you honestly that I am not happy about this situation.

Now I know that many of you will scoff at my vanity and confidently tell me that each small line is a symbol of my hard earned experience. I love hearing this from you—it is so bold and runs against the Youth Culture in our country. I only hope that I, too, will someday embrace such forward thinking thoughts and walk boldly and naturally along that road of aging that inevitably lies before me! However, this is not that day…

As I am certain that I am not the only woman out there who is still driven in part by vanity, I have decided that rather than cringe each morning at this vision in the mirror I am going to take it as a direct challenge to help all of my sisters out there. As I see it, I have three choices 1) never look directly in the mirror again; 2) begin consulting a plastic surgeon—neither choice one or two is either appealing or practical for me—3) immediately begin serious research into all of the products on the market that might actually alleviate this situation. After all, it never benefits one to dwell in the problem when there is a solution to be found! Stay tuned as I report on my results…

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