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By Mary Ann

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As you know, we are forever in search of the Perfect T-Shirt. Though we have written about it extensively…and found some fabulous ones…our search is always in progress.  Admit it, we all have that ‘thing’ that we are in search of. Mine has run the gamut from the perfect red lipstick to the perfect Cesar salad. If you’re following, you know that I am now obsessed with the Well Edited Closet. Of course, a collection of stylish, functional t-shirts is a big part of that closet.

A new favorite of mine is the Jacksonville Cotton Blend Jersey T-Shirt from American Vintage. I am partial to a V-Neck and this T-Shirt offers what I feel is the perfect cut—a low (but not too low) wide V. Their other styles are equally well cut and easy to wear. The first time I put on this ‘T’ I felt instantly relaxed and chic. Ease of wear means everything to me—I don’t want to constantly be tugging at my complicated clothing—and this t-shirt fit the bill perfectly!


A French brand launched in 2005, American Vintage began with a dedication to producing the perfect t-shirt, taking their inspiration from the streets of cities around the world. Their styles are clean and simple, offering an understated elegance and an ease of wear—and their price point makes this “T” affordable for everyone.

I’m happy to say that their clothing line extends beyond the t-shirt—and you can be sure that I will be ‘taste testing’ their other products as well.  Stay tuned…

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