Caroline de Maigret

By Mary Ann

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We have a girl crush on Caroline de Maigret around the Simply Stylishcd 2 office. Well, I have a girl crush and everyone else has to hear about it…constantly.

cd 1To me she is the quintessential cool French woman—comfortable in her skin. She exudes a boredom with all of the excitement that inevitably whirls around her. Her personal style is the perfect mix of deconstructed masculinity and sexy feline femininity. She seems to effortlessly drape herself around people, place and things. And her beauty is anything but the usual—she has a character to her beauty that borders on the quirky.


Former model, descendant of royalty, rock star…what is there not to love about her. She is my new style muse!

cd 3

P.S.  Her new book How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are is next in line on my nightstand.  Stay tuned…

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Stay Stylish!

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