The Jumpsuit

By Mary Ann

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Top Left: Saint Laurent Bottom Left: IRO Top Right: Joie Bottom Right: Theory

A fashion trend that really took off during the Spring/Summer season, the jumpsuit looks like it is here to stay. I wasn’t so sure about this at first, but I must say that I have become a big fan. It has become one of my essential wardrobe basics.

First of all, how much easier can dressing get? One piece—throw it on—and you are instantly chic and ready to go. Although there are countless styles, colors and prints available today, I personally tend toward a jumpsuit in all black. To me it is the perfect sleek backdrop upon which I can change my look instantly with a switch in accessories. I already have two in my wardrobe, and I can’t wear them enough. The only problem might be that I may never want to wear anything else. They are just so easy—and it seems that I can never go wrong when I wear one.

From super slouchy casual to evening tuxedo chic, there is a style for everyone at a price for every pocketbook. This is one trend that I urge everyone to give a try.

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