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By Mary Ann

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Anyone who is following us knows that I have had a very hard time letting go of summer. I can’t remember the last time that I was not thoroughly immersed in Fabulous Fall Fashion by now…I mean we are in September!

Nonetheless, I was jolted from my summer reverie by an article in the WSJ this week entitled, “The Closet to Envy is Half Full”.

It fully captures so much of what we stand for here at Simply Stylish.  More is NOT always better. Quality counts in the long run. Buy one quality piece, albeit more expensive, and it can last you for years to come. Sure, we say spend a little on the fleeting fashion trends of the season that make you happy. But truly—do any of us like to walk up to a jam packed closet every morning only to find ourselves standing there indefinitely trying to find something to wear??

This article renewed my commitment to you to highlight what we see as the best of the upcoming Fall Season. There will undoubtedly be a lot of what we see as quality basics that have a long fashion life. But we all love to catch a new trend—so watch for those too.

As always, we will offer you the opportunity to link over and immediately buy your favorites AND we will offer you a selection of not-quite-new pieces that can save your pocketbook a bit. After all –we all deserve to express ourselves through our personal style. We are overjoyed to help you to find your own!

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