A French Woman, And A Moment Of Clarity

By Mary Ann

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MerciI saw her the The Lodge at Pebble Beach.  She was walking toward the small Post Office with her mother, completely absorbed in their conversation and she stopped me in my tracks!

fw 1She was undeniably French.  I know this because 1) she had the nonchalant, natural style that French women carry so easily; 2) I heard her talking in French about her home in Paris.  She was fabulous!

Now here is what you must know—she wasn’t a 20-something model.  She was a woman of some years—how many years it was impossible to tell.  She wore no make-up; her hair was

fw2haphazardly tossed on top of her head with a plain clip; and she wore a loose beautifully embroidered tunic dress that could have been from an of-the-moment designer, but I prefer to fantasize that she quickly picked up from a local shop in the Seychelles.

What struck me most was how her natural energy just flew off of her—like a magnet drawing attention from everyone she passed.  It seemed that she had no idea of her power.  Her beauty and style came completely from within.  It was the very essence of who she was…comfortable in her skin and embracing the moment.

fw3It struck me then that, yes, I can spend a lifetime cultivating my wardrobe and surroundings in an effort to be happy.  But the true expression of my style—my happiness and womanly power—comes from cultivating my inner self.  Undoubtedly, every moment I spend happy in my skin, true to who I am, and joyously grabbing even the smallest of experiences in life are the moments that I am at my most beautiful and stylish.

I say thank you to this lovely French woman for unknowingly offering me a moment of clarity and truth!


These photos are not of her…but they are other French women who delight and inspire…

Until next time-





Stay Stylish!

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