Gypsy Summer Chic

By Mary Ann

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I find myself feeling that I am in the height of summer right now! It could be because the usual foggy weather that we have in Monterey, CA about this time has given away to brilliant summer sunshine! Anyone who knows me knows that I love hot, sunny climates! It could be because everyone around me is planning remarkable August getaways. Or it could be just because I fantasize that Europe is shutting down so that everyone can head off to exotic, fabulous locations.


Whatever the reason, my mind inevitably drifts to thoughts of a Gypsy Lifestyle—chic flowing clothing, fabulous outdoor Euro evening meals, off-the-beaten-track travel, and a relaxed irresistible cool. And, since it is on my mind I’ve decided that Simply Stylish will dedicate the next little while to brining you the best of our carefully chosen Gypsy Chic fashion, lifestyle, travel and inspiration!


Stay tuned for a journey into the world of the Fabulous!

Until next time-





Stay Stylish!

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