A Blast From The Past

By Mary Ann

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It happened as I was getting ready for a trip to Texas, oddly enough. There I was in the drugstore searching for travel sizes of essential beauty products—dedicated, as always, to packing light and carefree like a Parisian Gypsy—well that’s another post…

Anyway, I looked down and what did I see but a big can of Aqua Net hairspray—seriously! I was instantly flooded with memories of watching my sister “pack” for school. Aqua Net and a pop-out curling were the mainstays of her school “necessities”. Every morning there they went into that Gucci drawstring bag—along with a myriad of other beauty items without which she could not survive the day at school. To this day I am not sure where she found the time or place to ‘pop out’ that curling iron, plug it in and painstakingly refresh. All I know is that I was in awe and sure that someday I would be grown up like her, proudly creating “big hair” everywhere I went.


There were pink Aqua Net cans in every bathroom in the house when I was growing up. The mist of aerosol-laden spray will forever be embedded in my mind.

Years later when my sister and I were both adults I remember having a serious beauty conversation in which she sadly (and I mean real sadness here) lamented the loss of Aqua Net’s “original formula”. Out of respect, I did not mention the potential health hazards we had survived in our Aqua Net hazed bathrooms. After all, the poor thing was sad enough as it was.

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