Will These Shoes Really Change My Life?

By Mary Ann

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Has it ever happened to you? You see an article of, well, fashion and you become so obsessed that you can’t think of anything else…sure that this one piece will entirely change your life?

Well, it recently happened to me. There I was lazily lounging by the pool at The Hotel Bel Air (not a bad place to be) when I look up to see a young couple slink by me literally falling into the chairs next to me as only models and the Euro chic can. They smelled of casual cool. They were perfectly bored with this “average” environment having, I was sure, just come from some exotic beach location filled with hedonistic nightlife and lazy beach lounging days. They were perfect!! Right down to the ‘old’ couture clothing and immediate attention to their cell phones, completely oblivious of each other…or anyone else for that matter.

And then I saw them….her shoes. CHANEL blue linen espadrilles with the black tipped toe, Cruise 2014. She had casually kicked them off into a puddle of water, along with her Givenchy tote. Those shoes…that was it…they would transform me into an Ibiza travelling, in-the-middle-of-nowhere Mexico gypsy surf girl. That was all I was missing to suddenly release the chic gypsy girl I knew that I was on the inside.


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I became OBSESSED, forcing myself to stay at the pool only long enough to appear to be as bored as they were. Casually I yawned and packed up my pool items (we won’t go there…I will have to pare that down when I am a gypsy traveler). Rushing up to the fabulous suite (yawn), I was on the phone to every store I could think of from here to New York. “I’m sorry we are all sold out” echoed in my ears over and over. Never one to be deterred, onto ebay I went. Yes, there they were…for twice the price that they were in the store. Would I really go that far?  Could I risk the possibility that they would not be authentic?

Days passed and still I could not stop thinking of them. How many times my fingers almost pushed that Buy Now button on ebay I will never know…it is all a blur. And then the call came, a French voice, “Hello, is this Mary Ann? We have received a shipment of the shoes that you requested.” My heart stopped, “Yes, I want them!” I blurted out before she could finish. I don’t remember the rest of the call, something like me talking incessantly—gypsy cool immediately flying out the window—a credit card number and a click. They were about to be mine…my life was about to change forever. I immediately went to check the status of my passport.

Finally, they arrived…they were perfect. The transformation was about to begin. I immediately called my friend Sweet Pea at her boutique and had her pulling together a gypsy wardrobe worthy of my perfect shoes. She was on it…within minutes I was in her store. More on that story later…

Have they changed my life? Well, I wouldn’t know yet as they are still in the precious box. I have visited them many times…always in awe and admiration…always sure that my inner gypsy will soon be emerging like the proverbial butterfly. My passport is in order, my new wardrobe, still wearing their tags, is hanging in the closet…I am ready!

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