The End To Our Journey

By Mary Ann

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Every good journey must come to an end, and so it goes with our journey to find the Perfect “T”. It was an enlightening journey to be sure, and we can say with great certainty that the one thing that we learned is there just may be no “Perfect T”. BUT in the mix of all of the fantastic T-Shirts we found—we have come to the conclusion that there is definitely at least one near-perfect “T” for everyone out there!

Of course, we can’t totally leave the subject without highlighting some definite honorable mentions from our list.

Enza Costa

eoj 1

J Crew


Current Elliott




We know that we just hit the tip of the iceberg in our exploration. Remember, this is just our perspective. We are dying to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Now, we are prepping up to dip our toes into the fabulous world of Gypsy Summer Chic!  Stay tuned….

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Stay Stylish!

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