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As you know, I am a self-professed beauty product junkie (someday I’ll let you take a peek at my bathroom shelves).   So, when I heard that THE Madonna actually had a new line of beauty products my ears perked up like a dog hearing the dinner dish being served.

First of all, these products are not even available in the United States yet.  They are only on a limited release in Japan.  Needless to say, this really pushed my “need to have” buttons!  Anyone going to Japan soon?  Second of all, I know Madonna…well really a friend of a friend of a friend knows her.  But being a person of big heart I feel that it is absolutely imperative that I help out family and friends with any new business venture they are undertaking!

I don’t really know much scientific information about these products yet.  However, I do know that in traditional pushing-the-envelope Madonna form there is a sexy video out promoting them.  Yes, I’ve seen it…no I still do not have any real information about the products.

BUT Madonna is FAB.  She needs me, right  I’ll be letting you know that I think about the products!

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