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By Debbie

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Before I share my opinion about “the Perfect White T-shirt”, I want to let you in on something that happened during my interview at Simply Stylish. One of the last things that Mary Ann asked me was, “Do you like fashion?” Now, I don’t remember what I was wearing that day but considering the relaxed environment at the office, it was probably something along the lines of jeans and a t-shirt.

“Um, I like clothes,” I said sheepishly. Mary Ann looked at me amusedly and assured me that I didn’t need to know much about fashion to work for her. Now, it’s not that I don’t like fashion. I’ve watched enough What Not to Wear to understand that fashion is not just about expensive name brand clothes; it’s about finding pieces that look good and make you feel wonderful about yourself. Common sense, isn’t it? Well, I may or may not have actually taken notes during each episode…Okay, so you’ve probably guessed that I’m not really a girly girl. Yes, I was a tomboy growing up. And though I’ve learned that an empire cut accentuates the narrowest part of my waist, I’m still not comfortable wearing clothes that might draw positive attention to me on a daily basis. Don’t worry, I won’t delve any deeper into this rabbit hole of metacognition. I mean, a plain white tee is as basic as it gets, so it should be a breeze to write about, right? Except I don’t wear white.

I don’t mean I don’t wear white after Labor Day. I mean, I own one white sleeveless shirt that I have tried to convince myself I’ll wear eventually, someday, maybe…but I won’t because I. Don’t. Wear. White. Alas, my preferred style happens to be one of a much darker persuasion. So, when Mary Ann came waltzing in one day singing the praises of the perfect white tee, it was a bit difficult for me to share her enthusiasm. “Write about a black one, then,” she suggested.

Color aside, I suppose what makes the t-shirt such a standard article or torso wrapping is the versatility inherent in its simple design. Choose something more fitted and add jewelry to dress it up. Change into something looser for carefree comfort. Add some layers to adapt easily to a change in climate. After all, it’s the comfort we all prefer, isn’t it? One of my favorite tees is a simple, slightly fitted, cotton v-neck that I probably got from Target. It’s lightweight. It looks nice with a pair of jeans, and at the end of the day, I can throw on a pair of sweats and still feel good in my shirt. On colder days, I love to wear a long sleeve cotton tee with a nice medallion all-over print. Just like the black tee, I can dress it up and wear it out, or I can hang out with my dogs and still feel put together. Both are light and comfy, yet appropriately functional across a multitude of contexts.

In closing, I admit that I am no fashion guru and my qualifications stem from the simple fact that I, too, do indeed wear clothing. However, I don’t have to know my Bottega Veneta from my Escada to know that an uncomplicated balance of form and function is what makes the (*cough* black *cough*) t-shirt the unassuming hero of the fashion world.

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