WSJ Joins Us In Our Quest For The Perfect “T”!

By Mary Ann

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PJ-BV234A_TSHIR_G_20140604214817As you know, we are on the quest for the Perfect “T”—and so is the Wall Street Journal! On June 5, 2014, WSJ posted an article exploring the very challenge with which we are faced: “Is there such a thing as the Perfect T-Shirt?”

It seems that we are not alone. As WSJ points out, the T-Shirt is a $20 billion dollar annual industry in the United States and growing. This results in higher retail prices, but in our estimation, not necessarily better “T’s”.

Of course, WSJ agrees with our original declaration that “perfection is in the eye of the beholder”—body type and lifestyle. Ironically, as one of the Simply Stylish team members pointed out to me, she does not even wear T-Shirts outside of the bedroom! Personally, I think that she might be in the minority, but it certainly opened my eyes to that side of the fence.

The WSJ article is definitely worth a read. It touches on the challenges designers face when trying to create the Perfect “T”, the cost in using higher end fabrics, and the intricacies of getting the draping just right. All very interesting and supportive of the fact that traversing the territory of the “T” is a tricky one. I will say that the gauntlet has been tossed and we are ready to face the challenge!

Stay tuned as we continue to showcase what we are finding to be the best of the many, many options out there. And remember, we want to hear from you too! What is your favorite T-Shirt? What is it about that “T” that makes you love it? Share with us in the comment section below—we always learn the most from our readers.

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