Our Quest For The Perfect White T-Shirt

By Mary Ann

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James-Dean_3We know you’ve heard it before “The perfect white T-Shirt is essential to a woman’s wardrobe.” Well, we agree! And we are OBSESSED with finding the perfect white T-Shirt. It is the fundamental basic. It can be worn every day with jeans and just as easily be worn with a ball skirt for a gala event (after all, Sharon Stone knocked it out of the park at the 1996 Oscars with a simple Gap T-Shirt!). It changes its complexion every time you throw on a necklace, artfully wrap a scarf or change your jacket. It is the silent power player in the art of simple chic.

I stopped counting long ago the number of white t-shirts that showed up at my front door—ordered late in the night as I stayed up into the wee morning hours scouring on-line for that one white T-Shirt that would answer all of my needs. Of course, I am now sleeping in most of them!

Long sleeves, cap sleeves, no sleeves—v-neck, crewneck, boat neck, scoop neck—they are all hanging in my closet, filling my drawers or laying on my floor having been discarded that morning for not being “the one”.

Kate-Moss_3It’s a journey, no a quest, and there are as many right answers as there are women and body types. Will we really spend hundreds of dollars on one “T” if it fits the bill? Can we possibly find the perfect “T” for a reasonable price—and if we do will it fall apart or become dingy after only two trips through the wash cycle?

This June at Simply Stylish is “The Perfect White T-Shirt” month. We are going to share with you our carefully curated selection of T-Shirts that prove themselves to be stand outs above the rest. They have made it through the wash many times and still shine. They have been worn with jeans, skirts, blazers, shorts…you name it…and they look chic and stylish at every turn.

Be sure of this, we know that you all have different body types! As always, the whole Simply Stylish team is chipping in. That means women of all ages and shapes, different expressions of style, all on the same path to finding that precious, perfect “T”, and they are going to share their journeys with you.

Let us hear from you in the comment section below! What is your Perfect White “T”? There is always a golden find out there that we have never heard of… let us in on your secret!

Until next time—
Stay Stylish!

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