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By Mary Ann

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Simply Stylish is a response to something we see missing in the celebration of style. Sure, there is an onslaught of clothing, shoes, handbags…and all the little goodies that we use to decorate ourselves with—BUT we believe that true style is not just about the clothes and accessories themselves. It is about how each and every one of us uses fashion to express our true inner selves. Our bodies are the canvas on which we splash our paintbrushes to artistically create the fabulous fashion expression of who we really are!

True style doesn’t stop with fashion. It embodies the very lives that we live—from our home spaces to our penchants for travel; it even extends to our hobbies and passions. It is in how we choose to interact with others and how we express our own personal beliefs and values to the world. Style is grand and often elusive but true style can be found in knowing who you are and by being bold enough to show it to the world and live it!

The Simply Stylish family is a group of women who represent almost every decade on the age spectrum. Each and every one of us is on that journey of discovering who we are—ever changing and always glorious. From our 20-something ingénue who is embracing motherhood in casual, comfortable chic to our 60+ doyenne who, quite frankly, smokes us all! Each woman openly embraces every day as a chance to learn something about themselves and life—and to joyously “decorate” themselves and their spaces in an outward expression of who they are.

We confess, we LOVE fashion!! We read fashion blogs, magazines and books (okay, we devour them) every day. Personally, I’m obsessed with finding that perfect white T-Shirt. Some days I wish I were French—or Italian—with that perfect innate flair for pared down, sexy chic! I often try to channel Carine Roitfeld in an effort to call out my inner fashion rock star. But at the end of the day, what we consistently do is strive to love who we are (I have embraced the fact that I can’t be comfortable in heels no matter how hard I try)—be the best that we can be—and have a blast dabbling in this wonderful lifestyle of beauty and fashion!

We invite you to take this journey with us! We will highlight women of beauty and style—at every age. We envision a place to showcase personal spaces that uniquely express their owners’ lives. To guide you on your style quest, we offer you a marketplace where you can find a curated collection of what we think are the essential elements of style for every woman. But above all, we hope to provide inspiration that will keep you experimenting with painting your own canvas new and different ways — all the while embracing who you are both inside and out.

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Stay Stylish!

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